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Early education leaders smiling with their hands on each others shoulders representing building team and community support in early childhood education leadership


Early Education Leadership

Early Education Leadership programs for professional development for teachers that inspire, motivate and engage you and your team! They are designed and delivered in a way that creates real sustainable change in your classrooms and beyond with impact that lasts for children, families and your educational communities.


Supporting Early Education Leaders so they can become more conscious in their leadership and create and sustain a positive impact on all the lives they touch.

Early Education Leadership is a forward-thinking organization dedicated to the professional development of education leaders, teachers, and teams. We offer a range of workshops, seminars and webinars that focus on communication skills, team development, and emotional fitness. Our mission is to equip our clients with the tools to drive success in the classroom, create strong teams, and foster a culture of growth and collaboration. We are passionate about helping to build a better future for our children.

The Why

The Online Conscious Leadership Online has been created to help you become radically responsible, self-aware and focused on building a culture of trust.

The How

Reconnect with your heart led passions, values and beliefs and identify any areas you wish to transform. Creating a self-accountable roadmap for change and transformation.

The Who

Our workshops provide connection, transformational shifts in thinking, and a playful environment to reflect on individual practices and whole team dynamics.

Supporting leaders of our future generations.

Currently, many Early Education Leaders are struggling to feel connected to their work. They are passionate about the important work they do but are feeling ill-equipped to navigate the ongoing sense of uncertainty and change!


We believe we are being called to be more conscious in our leadership. Future generations depend on us to navigate them through this unprecedented time of rapid change and uncertainty.

Together with early education leaders across the Early Childhood sector, we are creating a community of Conscious Leaders who are passionate, engaged and excited about the future. Leaders who know their potential and purpose and understand that their leadership presence is key.

Education childhood directors learning new skills at a workshop run by Early Education Leadership
About Sarh
Sarah Moore at a whiteboard working on Early Education Leadership Coach, Speaker and Consultant.jpg

At the helm

Hi, I'm Sarah Moore. I am a Leadership Coach and Training Facilitator.


I am passionate about empowering Early Education Leaders so they can be the best version of themselves and can make a profound impact on their services. 

I'm a lifelong learner, and who knows, education is key to my success. So I have invested significantly in studying coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Conversational Intelligence, Emotional Fitness and other programs that have enabled me to build a strong knowledge bank in human behaviour, Conversational Intelligence and Emotional Fitness. 

I am driven to ensure that you get the best return on your investment. My focus is on creating measurable shifts in perspectives, behaviours and results. As well as assisting you on your journey to meet National Quality Standards.

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