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Early Education Leadership is a unique coaching and training business that aims to offer new and innovative leadership coaching and training experiences.

I strive to provide different approaches, I not only deliver high-quality well-researched content, but I also provide an 'experience'.  

From my work, I understand that many Early Education Leaders are working in isolation and have few support networks around them. 

I strive to build lasting relationships so that I become the 'trusted' place from which you can access leadership support, guidance and new and fresh perspectives, that invigorates and energises you to continue your important work.

I know that when participants are emotionally connected to content, they are more able to embody change and transformation. 

Training with a coach utilises the science of human behaviour within the training program. More than 'listen to me', a coach will create a space for immersion learning with 'talk to me'.

I am comfortable with the concept of questioning the indoctrinated rules and methodologies of leadership, with a great applied focus on the results that Early Education Leaders are wanting to create.


I will take you on a journey of discovery, knowledge, reflection and application.

I take pride in my work and have an emphasis on spending time to understand your specific needs and that of your teams.

I focus on building long term relationships, whilst aiming to be flexible and responsive to the outcomes you wish to achieve.

I am driven to make sure that you get the best return of investment, so my focus is on creating measurable change. As well as assisting you on your journey to meet the National Quality Standards.

I work with a range of Early Education professionals who work within a broad range of services: Community Based Preschools, Council Childcare Services, Long Day Care, Out of Hours Childcare as well as Family Day Care Services. 

Contact me to explore how I maybe able to support you.


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Sarah Moore - Founder of Early Education Leadership

"From our first meeting, Sarah was able to share practical tools which enabled me to improve my leadership skills and raise the level of staff engagement significantly."

Tracey Muccillo - Director Balmain Centre

"Congratulations for today. That was a wonderful webinar full of rich meaningful discussion and information. It was very obvious that the team embraced both the topic and your facilitation of the information enthusiastically. You managed to capture everything we discussed and frame and shape it so that it worked for everyone. A master communicator I say! Well done!"

Lee Casuscelli Positive Partnership - National Project Manager 

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