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This unique and practical program is essential for
Early Education Leaders, who want to become radically responsible, 
self-aware, and focused on building a culture of trust.

If you are an Early Education Leader who is:-

  • Questioning whether you are the right person for the job

  • Feeling tired, overwhelmed and struggling to keep motivated

  • Needing support in navigating some difficult conversations with staff and families

  • Experiencing difficulties staying focused and productive

  • Searching for a new way to lead, one that is more aligned with your higher purpose and values. 

Then this professional development opportunity is for you and or your leadership team! 

At a time when Early Education Leaders are being stretched beyond their comfort zone and are experiencing prolonged levels of uncertainty and change, this highly interactive online program promises to lift, energise and support you.  

Completed over a transformational six weeks, this online leadership program will give you/your leadership team what they don't teach at university or TAFE. It will empower you to become more conscious in your role as a leader(s).

It will leave you feeling able to lead with more confidence, experience reduced levels of overwhelm and have an increased ability to amplify your impact and be the leader(s) you aspire to be!

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"Exceptional, in a nutshell.
Best I have come across in 36 years. Sarah has influenced my practices and I have changed the way I lead my team.
I am very grateful for Sarah's skills
and knowledge."
Eve Hawkes - Director
Early Education Leaders.


The Online Conscious Leadership Online has been created to help you become radically responsible, self-aware and focused on building a culture of trust.

Over six weeks, you will be taken on a unique leadership journey where you can create the much-needed time and space to stand back from your busy role as an Early Education Leader.  


By the end of this leadership program, you will have the following:-

  • Clarity on your ‘why’ and feeling more motivated and energised.

  • New insights into the importance of your values and beliefs.

  • A greater understanding of the energy your emotions hold and their impact.

  • Tools to elevate your relationships and build and sustain trust.

  • A tool kit of new leadership tools to support you and your team.

  • An increased level of confidence in your ability as a leader.

  • An increased capacity to reduce stress and feelings of overwhelm.

  • A plan supporting you to integrate your learning into your practice.



Pre-Recorded Immersion Training​

Access to 4hrs of pre-recorded immersion training, with slides and downloadable resources. So you can plan your learning around your work.

Live Group Coaching Sessions

You'll have access to 6hrs of group online live group coaching sessions, with all calls recorded and available for replay. This coaching will help you learn through reflection and share discussions with other leaders about challenges and successes. These sessions promise to help take your learning to a new level.

24-hour online learning access

Our entire program is accessible from any device, 24 hours a day, so you can replay, revise and reflect on your learnings for 3 months after completing the training.

Facebook group access

You'll receive an invitation to join an exclusive Closed Facebook Group.

*** Registration Open ***
Program Start Date: 13th February 2023 
Individual Program Investment: $580:00 AUD - Group discounts Available!

Register NOW and reserve your place(s) in this unique

and transformative leadership program!


Module 1. Priming for Success
Start your learning journey by priming yourself for success, creating explicit, measurable learning and experience outcomes that support you
 throughout the program and beyond.

Module 2. Starting with you!
Learn why the clarity of your why and values is key to your leadership success and the critical work you aspire to do. Helping
you to create clarity, purpose and direction in your behaviours and actions.

Module 3. The Power of Beliefs
Discover the link between your beliefs and whom you believe you are as a leader. We will explore what happens when you don't question your beliefs and ways to shape them to support you.

Module 4. Managing Your Energy
Reflect on why managing your energy as a leader is so vital to our success. You will learn the importance of self-regulation and how to open your capacity to deepen your connection.

Module 5. Elevate Relationships
Relationships are critical to your success as a leader; in this module, you will learn the importance of trust and connection in the workplace and how it impacts your communication.

Module 6. Sustainment
Learn how to integrate your key learnings from the program into your practice as a leader. Whilst also getting clear about any obstacles and designing a recovery plan.

Area 6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
Area 7. Governance & leadership

Register today to start this transformative leadership journey!


Sarah Moore

Sarah has worked with 100's of Early Educational Leaders just like you! With a background in Early Education, Human Services, Not-for-Profit and management, Sarah is uniquely qualified to share new and innovative leadership coaching and training experiences with Early Childhood Leaders.

Sarah's training and coaching are designed to create a high impact, stir up the status quo and attract a high level of participation and accountability.

"Joining the Conscious Leadership Online Program at a time like this is one of the best decisions
any service can make. The knowledge Sarah imparts to her groups is tailored to the needs
of that group in an incredibly unique way. During this time of complete
uncertainty and change, this is an incredible resource. Throughout Covid-19
this knowledge has been a complete game-changer."
Tricia Brown, Director


✔️ Community-Based Preschools


✔️ Council-Community-Based Preschools

✔️ Long Day Care Centres


✔️ OSHC Services

✔️ Day Care Services


✔️Childcare Services

✔️Mobile Services


In the wake of the COVID-19 global health crisis, you may have found yourself in unfamiliar territory. You are being called to navigate a high level of rapid change and uncertainty. You are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of building trust and creating a social and psychologically safe culture, but you are not sure why then this professional development is for you.

This Conscious Leadership Online Program is for Early Education Leaders who want to become radically responsible, self-aware, and focused on building a culture of trust within their team(s), their families and the wider community.  

This training brings Early Education Leaders in live time to connect, learn, share and support each other in a safe and trusting environment over six weeks.

"The very skills I learnt through the Conscious Leadership Online Program are so valuable at this time.

I keep returning back to this learning time and time again."

No matter what kind of Early Education service you operate, this training will help you to realise you are not alone with how you are feeling. It will help you get back on top and feel better than ever about your job, your profession and your purpose.

At the end of the six weeks, you'll feel:

  • Revitalized and confident about your skill set

  • Able to have powerful and purposeful conversations

  • Excited about the future and re-energized about your work

  • Focused and clear on the changes you want to make at work

  • Energised and inspired to be an active member of a community of Early Education Leaders who make a real difference.

"From crisis to calm, we are learning to lead ourselves and our teams through the many
challenges we face by understanding the what, why and how our brains work. Sarah brings the gift
of being able to do this by supporting positive relationships that harness strengths and creativity,
transforming our lives, professionally and personally. I couldn’t do it without Sarah and this amazing
group of women I have met - thank you all."

Rosie Gibbs, Director, Mudgee Community Preschool

*** Registration Open ***
Program Start Date 13th February 2023
Individual Program Investment: $580:00 AUD - Group discounts Available!

Register NOW and reserve your place(s) in this unique

and transformative leadership program!



As an Early Education Director, Educational Leader, Room Leader, Childcare Centre or Long Day Care Director, it can be easy to feel pulled every which way.

In between the staff, the families, the committee/board of directors, the strict regulations and of course the children themselves, you have a unique set of challenges, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Sarah Moore, Founder and CEO of Early Education Leadership, provides Leadership Coaching and training that focuses on building strong, long-lasting relationships. She offers innovative leadership coaching and training experiences to Early Education Leaders and their teams based on some of the latest neuroscience in communication and engagement.

She strives to be different by tailoring her leadership coaching and training to suit the individual needs of the Early Education Industry.


Sarah delivers high-quality, well-researched and practical training and access to a community of like-minded Early Education Leaders where you feel supported and understood.

Sarah knows the importance of building trusted and long-term relationships, which is why she invests time and energy in getting to know her clients individually and learning about the unique impact they want to make and the unique challenges they face.

She does this by creating a safe conversational space for you to participate in live group coaching sessions. As social creatures, we learn better when we get to explore the meaning we are making, gain insights from others and share and celebrate as a community of learners.  

Join Early Education Leaders from around Australia on a journey of self-discovery, knowledge, reflection and application, then apply the essential skills you learn to transform your approach, your confidence and your service.


Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 9_edited.jpg

With a background in Early Education Leadership, Human Services, Not-for-Profit, Management, and Neuroscience of Conversations, Sarah is uniquely qualified to share new and innovative leadership coaching and training experiences with Early Education Leaders.

Sarah's training is designed to create a high impact, stir up the status quo and attract a high level of participation and accountability.

"Early Education Leaders often feel unsupported

and ill-equipped in their leadership role.


Leaders are requiring a new set of leadership

skills as we navigate through this time of change and uncertainty.


It's no wonder that many Early Childhood Leaders

are struggling.

Unsurprisingly without the opportunity to

access leadership learning and support,

they can easily find themselves feeling 

overwhelmed and stressed.

They can question their leadership capabilities

and start to question why they chose a

a career in early childhood.

My learning program aims to build a space of trust and connection with other leaders, so they can

access their own innate wisdom, training, coaching and resources to help them grow their leadership confidence."

Sarah Moore - CEO of Early Education Leadership


Right now, many Early Education Leaders are struggling to feel connected to their work. They are passionate about the important work they do, but are feeling ill-equipped to navigate the ongoing sense of uncertainty and change!

Sarah believes that we are being called to be more conscious in our leadership Future generations are depending on us to navigate them through this unprecedented time of rapid change and uncertainty.

Her vision is to create a community of Conscious Leaders who are passionate, engaged and excited about the future. Leaders who know their potential, and purpose and who understand that their leadership presence is key.

Sarah is committed to supporting Early Education Leaders so they can become more conscious in their leadership and create and sustain a positive impact on all the lives they touch.


*** Registration Open**
Program Start Date 13th February 2023
Individual Program Investment: $580.00 AUD - Group discounts Available!

Register NOW and reserve your place(s) in this unique

and transformative leadership program!

Sarah's mission is to equip Early Education Leaders with the confidence and ability to create measurable change for themselves and their workplaces through high-impact training, strong relationships, high-trust conversations and a supportive learning environment.

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