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Laser Coaching Session

During this 90-minute Coaching Session you are invited to step into the land of curiosity, exploring the meaning you are making of a challenge or difficult conversation.

Together we shine a light on blind spots or innocent misunderstandings and shift you into a space where you are able to tap into your aspirational thinking so you can create outcomes that energise and delight you!

Book your discovery call to find out more!

Are you ready to quickly move from overwhelm into confident action?

Leadership Coaching Program 

In the Leadership Coaching Program you are invited to step into a non-judgemental safe conversational space.

You get to reconnect with your heart led passions, values and beliefs and identify any areas you wish to transform. Creating a self-accountable roadmap for change and transformation.

The 6 x 60 minute sessions can be taken monthly or more frequently if you wish. 

Book your discovery call to find out more!

Are you ready to amplify your impact?

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As the new Director at Kootingal Preschool, Sarah has provided me with lots of new skills and information that has helped me transition into this role. 


It has been a smoother transition than I could have ever hoped for! Sarah provided a safe space for me to express my emotions, whilst also gaining new knowledge about the impact change and uncertainty has on our communication

and engagement.


Through the Leadership Coaching, I feel I now have a clearer understanding of how best to support my team as they adjust to having a new Director and, while we all navigate our way through the

COVID pandemic.


Jessica Rankins 

Director Kootingal Preschool

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In 2020, I began a coaching program

with Sarah Moore. 


I was looking for opportunities to challenge myself professionally and sought guidance through Sarah to manage a career shift.


 Sarah helped me by identifying my core values and to evaluate what I needed from my career. The coaching gave me the confidence as a leader to be brave and to trust myself and my decisions.


I would recommend Sarah to anyone wanting guidance in their career, particularly with leadership, she is knowledgeable and professional.


The skills I learned in Leadership Coaching Sessions around communication and self-reflection are skills that I can transfer wherever I go in my career.


Kate Damo 


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I was keen to seek individualized guidance and support, to consolidate quality leadership strategies, that I had explored in other group training opportunities with Sarah Moore.   

I would recommend the Leadership Coaching program as it provides an opportunity to continue to expand your perspectives and be challenged in positive ways.  The coaching enables you to increase your awareness of your  professional potential & self-worth,

identify and apply strategies that assist with managing the daily tasks as well as elevating you're thinking to aspirational levels.  


I am so incredibly grateful that Sarah Moore has become such an intrinsic support to my leadership and that I can travel this journey with her guidance, wisdom, and motivation!


Colette Genet-Marks 

Director Parkes Early Childhood Centre 

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