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Conscious Leaders Mastermind


Conscious leaders are authentic, they focus on being the best version of themselves, whilst elevating the people around them.


Conscious Leaders care about their teams, they understand the importance of knowing their passions and dreams.


Conscious leaders know the importance of moving away from a traditional leadership style and focus on building trust and unique talents.

 Conscious Leaders have participated in the Leading From Behind for Early Education Leaders Online Program. They are motivated to strive towards mindfully managing their emotions, mindset, communication and behaviour, within themselves and their teams. They are committed to explore ways to embody the LFB content individually and collectively. They have a strong desire to build strong relationships that provide opportunities to co-create and gain mutual support.

Conscious Early Education Leades

The CLM is a community of like-minded Early Childhood leaders who want to embrace the Conscious Leadership ideologies and want to connect with other leaders who are experiencing similar issues, experiences and challenges, in a forum of open collaborative sharing, growth and expansion to improve their....

  • Ability to be present with themselves, with others, in any situation

  • Focus significantly

  • Energy levels

  • Inner peace..... regardless of what is happening outside

  • Ability to navigate change and conflict with clarity and ease

  • Ability to communicate and to engage, inspire and motivate their teams to do their best work.

What is the CLM?


Content Themes

The content themes will include: Your WHY, Empowering Beliefs, Emotional Courage, Conscious Communication, Team Engagement and Self-care and Compassion


Who facilitates the CLM?

The program is led and facilitated by Sarah Moore of Early Education Leadership. Read more about Sarah's background here.


When does the CLM meet?

We connect once a month on a Thursday for an interactive online workshop for 90 minutes, commencing on 11th February 2021. In addition to this we will have two full day workshops in Sydney on the 4th, 5th March 2021.


What is the cost to join the CLM?

The total cost of the program is $1,200. This includes, 2 full day workshops in Sydney and 15 hours of online training (plus access to recordings) between February through to November. 

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A few things to keep in mind:

  • Members will be invited to provide feedback throughout the program

  • CLM members are expected to maintain confidentiality, so leaders can feel free to share openly during the training

  • The program resources and recordings will be housed within a learning platform

  • Calls will be recorded, so if you miss one, you can access the recording

  • Members will be invited to join a Whatsapp closed group. 

Recording links or online meeting information is for CLM members-only - thank you for honouring this.

"It has been good for my heart - each session truly fills my cup, gets my mind ticking over, and helps me feel so connected, despite the many kms between us all. This program has made a huge difference to my wellbeing as well as my journey of personal and professional growth and development." Emma Cullen Director @ Banyan Park Community Early Learning Centre

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