Are you looking for an Early Childhood Leadership interactive online program that enables you to dig deep into your leadership and create a long-lasting impact that creates positive change?
The Leading From Behind for Early Education Leaders is for people who want to make a difference in Early Childhood Education. You want to make a significant impact on the lives of young children and their families.
You know that this is not possible without a team of professional educators, so you constantly strive to inspire, motivate and engage them.
You are committed to raising the bar in Early Childhood Education services and you know that you are being called to do this work.
You are passionate and committed to creating the change that is needed.
But you.....
  • have millennials in your staff team whom you love dearly and want to maximise their potential, but you are struggling to engage and motivate them
  • feel overwhelmed with the enormity of your role at times and question whether you are up to the job
  • constantly strive to engage and motivate your team, but are running out of strategies and ideas
  • sometimes lack motivation and feel a sense of isolation because you are unable to tap into like-minded leaders, bounce ideas off, share challenges and make a sense of the changing work in Early Childhood Education
  • can't find any Conscious Leadership Programs that are providing new and exciting learning tools and strategies that can be applied in the Early Childhood Education space.
Early Education Leaders.
Early Education Leaders

The program has been designed to help you achieve your aspirations:

In this 10-week online leadership program, you will be guided through a process of self-inquiry and mindful leadership. We will walk alongside you all the way, to help you achieve these outcomes:-

  1. Clarity on your 'why' and re-fuel and reignite your passion

  2. Identify beliefs that are holding you back and tools to reshape your beliefs, to create the success you aspire

  3. Create an understanding of how your emotions and energy impact your outcomes and how you use them as a conscious leader

  4. Learn the neuroscience behind effective communication and use some of the most powerful communication frameworks

  5. A tool kit of exercises and activities that you can use with yourself and your team.

Here's how we'll help you learn:

During this 10-week leadership online program curriculum and experience, you will......

  • Gain access to 6 hours of online live group immersion training, with slides, downloadable resources, access to the recordings and an ability to participate in live time chat with a community of Early Childhood Education Leaders

  • Access to 4 hours of online live community coaching and mentoring sessions, all calls are recorded and available for replay. Providing you opportunities to deepen your learning through reflection and shared discussion with other leaders about your challenges and successes

  • Access to an online learning platform that houses the entire program, which you can access 24 hours a day

  • Ability to access the entire content of the program and be able to replay, revise and reflect on your learning for six months after you complete the program

  • An invitation to join our closed Facebook Group, which includes past, present and future participants.

Program Start Date For 2021:
  16th August 2021 
Registrations NOW open!
Investment: $580:00 AUD

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Here's what we'll cover.....

Module 1. Starting with you!

We will focus on you and you're why and the importance of clarifying why you do what you do. Beginning with the end in mind and moving you to create the outcomes you desire and the neuroscience behind envisaging outcomes.

Module 2. The Power of beliefs

Discover the link between your beliefs and who you belief you are as a leader. We will explore what happens when you don't questions your belief and ways to reshape beliefs so they support you.

Module 3. Mindful Emotions

You will reflect on why managing your emotions as a leader is so important to your success. You will learn a powerful tool to dial up emotions that empower you and ways to prime yourself with success rituals.

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Module 4. Conscious Communication

Understand what happens when you get hijacked, when you say one thing and mean another. Learn the three levels of conversation and how to move you and your team from 'I' conversations to 'we' conversations.

Module 5. Engagement Is Key

Learn how neuroscience plays and important role in staff engagement. Gain knowledge and skills in how to develop a culture of engagement and design your own Team Engagement G.A.M.E Plan.

Module 6. Community Celebration

We look back before we move forward by reflecting on your learning journey. You get to identify yoru next steps along your leadership learning journey!

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Hour of Power

An opportunity to deepen your learnings by participating in '6 live' hours of group coaching and mentoring sessions of reflection, discovery and sharing. 

Learning Platform

The program is homed in a really friendly and easy to use learning platform. You get to access all your learning resources within the platform at your convience - 24/7. As well as access the entire program when you have completed this learning journey. 

Facebook Closed Group

As a participant you are invited to join our Facebook Community of Leading From Behind for Early Education Leaders, present and future participants. This is a thriving and growing community of like minded leaders!

"Learning about leadership and communication with staff is an invaluable tool that every Director should have. This is not taught at University but it is essential to the success of every service and every team of teachers and educators"
LFB- Survey Response
Early Education Leades

Leading From Behind for Early Education Leaders Program Flyer

"My biggest takeaway is that if something is not working I'm so much more effective when I remain curious. And when I'm feeling frustrated, I need to remember it's not about me."
Kelly Nickless, Director Jannalli Preschool Kindergarten

How do you know if the program is right for you?

Firstly you are someone who knows that passion alone is not enough to get you to the place you want to be. You know that as leader it is important to reflect and review on your practice.

You know that you are able to give and support your team so much better when you are motivated and inspired. You know that learning new things and sharing new ideas and concepts always gives you that.

Your time limited and know that going to a one off workshop isn't going to give you what you need to energise and motivate you for the year ahead.

You crave connection with like minded leaders, you're someone who loves working within your community and making a difference, so getting to talk to other people in similar situations feeds your ability to carry on even when the going gets tough.

You have a big things to do list, lots of responsibility to deal with, you know that investing in your own education as a leader will not only benefit you, but your whole team.

Finally, this program is likely to fit you if you enjoy learning in short bites. You like to apply, evaluate and reflect, as well create instant results. 

Two questions to consider:

Q1:   Do you like to learn online?

Q2:   Do you love to be held accountable and get feedback?


If you answered 'yes' to one or both of these questions, then the program is for you!

The live immersion training will give you instant learning, that you can access easily within your busy work schedule. And the Community Coaching and Mentoring sessions will hold you accountable to your learning and give you the opportunity to get and give feedback.

In fact, many of our participants have reported that the value of hearing other Early Childhood Education Leaders share their experiences has given them some really valuable insights. It's made them feel more energised and helped them to realise that they are not alone and that other services are dealing with the same issues and challenges!

They have loved hearing the stories, the examples, struggles and frustrations and the mutual support and encouragement from the community as a whole.

In short this program is for those that are busy leaders, who are committed to creating positive change in the world of Early Childhood Education and who know that they cannot do it alone!

Who is this not for?

This program is probably not for you if you don't like learning online and prefer face to face training. Or you're someone who is not fully committed to making a difference in the Early Childhood Education space.

Program Start Date For 2021:
  16th August 2021 
Registrations NOW open!
Investment: $580:00 AUD

Register NOW and reserve your place!

"We want you to know that you can be an inspiring leader who engages and motivates your team in ways that builds loyalty and commitment."

Think about where you're going to be in three and a half months from now, after going through the leadership From Behind for Early Education Leaders Program.

In just three and a half months from now, you could have accomplished some amazing things. We've seen previous participants of this program:

  • Realise their 'why' with such clarity that it has totally re-energised their focus.

  • Have difficult conversations with team members, with ease and confidence.

  • Reshaped limiting beliefs about themselves, which has literally changed their lives.

  • Having powerful new types of conversations with your staff that provide create sustainable change and transformation.

  • Become reenergised about their work and excited about what lies ahead.

  • Feel more focused and clear about what change they want to make and how to create a more engaged workplace culture.

  • Become an energised and active member of a community of Early Education Leaders who are making a real positive change in the world of Early Education.

You could be getting results like these too!

Or you could just keep turning up to work day in day out and doing what you've always done. And to be honest many people do without the realisation that it doesn't have to be that way!

You can become a successful Conscious Leader and make a real difference and most importantly if you are someone that came into this work with a passion for Early Childhood Education you must.

We are at a time in history, where we need more leaders to stand up and take responsibility, to lead the way into a world that we want. Your role within Early Childhood Education is so important, you get to influence children at such an important age.

Also with the accelerating numbers of Gen Y entering into Early Childhood Education, you have to learn new and more effective ways to engage and motivate them. As Conscious Leaders we owe it to this generation to give them the best start we can!

So if you want to create change, make a difference and become a Conscious Leader. Join this program.

Sarah Moore, facilitator of the Leading From Behind
My invitation to you!

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Program Start Date For 2021:
 16th August 2021 
Registrations NOW Open!
Investment: $580:00 AUD

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