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Online Conscious Leaders roadmap modules online learning on a laptop in a room full of people doing the online leaders workshop

Learn with me

Tailored, guided programs for early childhood leaders

Early Education Leadership programs that inspire, motivate and engage you and your team! They are designed and delivered in a way that creates real sustainable change and impact that lasts! 

I have designed a range of virtual programs in response to the needs of the people I have worked with.​ You won't find any off the shelf coaching and training here. 

Right now, many Early Education Leaders are struggling to feel connected to their work. They are passionate about the important work they do, but are feeling ill-equipped to navigate the ongoing sense of uncertainty and change!

I am here to create a community of Conscious Leaders who are passionate, engaged and excited about the future. Leaders who know their potential, and purpose and who understand that their leadership presence is key.


Join our expanding community of Conscious Leaders who are passionate, engaged and excited about the future. Leaders who know their potential, and purpose and who understand that their leadership presence is key.​

During our programs you'll make friends, network and connect.


We are being called to be more conscious in our leadership, Future generations are depending on us to navigate them through this unprecedented time of rapid change and uncertainty. Our courses help you bring the innovation you crave to your childcare centre.


Our programs equip Early Childhood Education leaders and teachers with the ability to create measurable change for their workplaces and themselves through high-impact learning experiences that create high trust and build strong relationships, in supportive learning spaces.

Conscious Leaders Online Program Roadmap on the screen of an early education leader learni
Get ready to become radically responsible, self-aware and focused on building a culture of trust.

Conscious Leaders Mastermind Program:

Completed over a transformational six weeks, this online leadership program will give you/your leadership team what they don't teach at university or TAFE. It will empower you to become more conscious in your role as a leader(s).

It will leave you feeling able to lead with more confidence, experience reduced levels of overwhelm and have an increased ability to amplify your impact and be the leader(s) you aspire to be!

A room full of people doing the team leaders workshop
Transform your team's effectiveness with communication tools that build trust.

Conscious Communication Team Workshop:

This workshop provides a highly interactive and practical based learning experience. Learn why trust plays such an important role in all communication and how to build trust, even when conflict arises. This six hour workshop provides connection, transformational shifts in thinking, new perspectives and opportunities to reflect on your practices as individual early education professionals, as well as a whole team.

Sarah_Moore from Early Education Leadership writing in a notebook her ideas for her next leadership workshop
Are you ready to quickly move from overwhelm into confident action?

Leadership Coaching:

Together we shine a light on blind spots or innocent misunderstandings and shift you into a space where you are able to tap into your aspirational thinking so you can create outcomes that energise and delight you!

Sarah Moore delivering a customised keynote speech to a conference for early childhood educational leaders
Programs informed by neuroscience and tailored to your unique workplace.

Lectures & Keynote Speaking

Individualised lectures and workshops tailored to your team’s specific communication and engagement issues. Sarah draws on the latest neuroscience research to help your team reflect on their individual practice and experiment with new and innovative ways to build and maintain engagement and trust. 

A happy teacher at an early childhood education workshop.heic

Words from a client:

"Sarah delivered two sessions on "Integrating Self-Care Within The work You Do" at our Sutherland Shire Council Children's Services Conference - Enrich Empower Educate.


Sarah was very professional in her approach and a pleasure to work alongside. Sarah's presentation style and calmness allows individuals to feel a true connection to the content. Sarah's workshops were very well received and the information she shared on why self-care needs to be priority, provided strategies to design self-care rituals. The strategies have been tried and tested with the impact being, Educators changing their practices so they are working with a more positive mindset, which ultimately impacts on positive outcomes for the children.


I would highly recommend Sarah if you are looking to promote wellbeing among your team."

Denise Nash, Professional Learning, Sutherland Shire Council Children's Services

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