This unique and transformative Early Childhood Education
Leadership program is more essential than ever for
Early Childhood Leaders during the COVID virus outbreaks.

If you are an Early Childhood Leader who is:


  • Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to keep motivated

  • Looking for ways to keep your team motivated and inspired, despite the current circumstances

  • Struggling to navigate the rapid rate of change and uncertainty

  • Concerned about how you are going to keep your team engaged and motivated.

  • Needing support in navigating some of the difficult conversations with staff and families.

This training is for you.

Ideal for passionate committed Early Childhood professionals, this easy to access online leadership training will give you the clarity and strategies you need at this time.

Completed over an amazing 14 weeks, this training gives you what they don't teach you at university or TAFE and empowers you to overcome roadblocks to create a harmonious and successful Preschool, Long Day Care Centre, Mobile Service, OOSH Services.


The leading From Behind program has been defined to help you achieve your aspirations as an Early Childhood Leader, in spite of the confusion and stress caused by the current COVID-19 crisis.

Over the course of 14 weeks, this unique program will guide you through a process of self-inquiry and mindful leadership. At the end of the training, you will have:-

Early Education Leaders.
"Exceptional, in a nutshell. Best I have come across in 36 years. Sarah has influenced my practices and I have changed the way I lead my team. I am very grateful for Sarah's skills and knowledge."
Eve Hawkes, Director

  • Clarity on your 'why' and a feeling that you have re-fulled your passion for Early Childhood Education 

  • An understanding of how your emotions and energy impact your outcomes and how you use them as a conscious leader

  • Practical communication skills and use of some of the latest neuroscience-based communication frameworks and skills

  • A confident approach to having difficult conversations, so you come out feeling positive

  • A tool-kit of (productivity-boosting) exercises and activities that you can use with yourself and your team

  • Create an understanding about how your emotions and energy impact on your outcomes and how you use them as a conscious leader

  • Learn the neuroscience behind effective communication and have access to some powerful communication frameworks

  • A tool kit of new leadership tools to support you in your self-leadership and with your team

  • A Team Engagement G.A.M.E Plan that will transform your ability to engage and motivate your team, especially Get Y

  • A clear plan for moving through the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring your team remains motivated, engaged and with a strong sense of connection​.


Online live group training

Register for six hours of online live group immersion training, with slides, downloadable resources, access to the recordings and the ability to participate in live time chat with a community of Early Childhood Education Leaders.

Online live community coaching

Access five hours of online live group coaching and mentoring sessions, with all calls recorded and available for replay. This coaching and mentoring will help you learn through reflection and share discussions with other leaders about challenges and successes.

24-hour online learning access

Our entire program is accessible from any device, 24 hours a day so you can replay, revise and reflect on your learnings for six months after completing the training.

Facebook group access

You'll receive an invitation to join our closed Facebook group which includes, past, present and future program participants.

*** Last Program in 2021 ***
Starts:26th July 2021 (Fully Booked)  
Investment: $580:00 AUD

Register NOW and reserve your place in this unique and transformative

leadership program!


Register today to access some of the most important skills of successful and happy Early Education leaders.

Module 1. Starting with You

We will focus on you and your 'why', plus the importance of clarifying your purpose as an Early Childhood Leader. be moved to create the outcomes you desire and understand the neuroscience behind envisaging outcomes.

Module 2. The Power of beliefs

Discover the link between your beliefs and who you believe you are as a leader. We will explore what happens when you don't questions your beliefs and ways to reshape beliefs so they support you.

Module 3. Mindful Emotions

Reflect on why managing your emotions as a leader is so important to your success, and learn a powerful tool to dial-up emotions that empower you. This module also shares ways to prime yourself for success.

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Module 4. Conscious Communication

Understand what happens when you get hijacked and end up saying one thing when you mean another. Learn the three levels of conversation and how to move you and your team from 'I' conversations to 'we conversations. 

Module 5. Engagement Is Key

Discover how neuroscience plays and important role in staff engagement. Gain knowledge and skills in how to develop a culture of engagement and design your own Team Engagement G.A.M.E Plan.

Module 6. Community Celebration

We look back before we move forward by reflecting on your learning journey. You get to identify your next steps along your leadership learning journey!

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Sarah Moore

With a background in Early Childhood, Human Services, Not-for-Profit and management, Sarah is uniquely qualified to share new and innovative leadership coaching and training experiences with Early Childhood Leaders.

Sarah's training is designed to create a high impact, stir up the status quo and attract a high level of participation and accountability.

"Joining the Leading from Behind Leadership Program at a time like this is one of the best decisions

any service can make. The knowledge that Sarah imparts to her groups is tailored to the needs

of that group in a way that is incredibly unique. During this time of complete

uncertainty and change this is an incredible resource. Throughout Covid-19 this knowledge

is a complete game changer." Tricia Brown, Director


✔️ Based Preschools



✔️ Day Care Centres


✔️ Of Hours

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✔️Childcare Services


In the wake of the COVID-19 global health crisis, many Early Childhood Leaders are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory. As an Early Childhood Leaders you are being called to navigate a high level of rapid change and uncertainty. When leading through a space of rapid uncertainty, it is easy to move into a place of reactivity, just at the time when your staff, children, families and communities need you most.

This training brings together Early Childhood Leaders in live time to connect, learn, share and support each other in a safe and trusting environment over a 14 week period.

"The very skills I learnt through the Leading from Behind Program are so valuable at this time. I keep returning back to this learning time and time again."

No matter what kind of Early Childhood service you operate, this training will help you to realise you are not alone with how you are feeling. It will help you get back on top and feel better than ever about your job, your profession and purpose.

At the end of the 14 weeks, you'll feel:

  • Revitalized and confident about your skill set

  • Able to have powerful and purposeful conversations

  • Excited about the future and re-energized about your work

  • Focused and clear on the changes you want to make at work

  • Energized and inspired to be an active member of a community of Early Childhood Leaders who are making a real difference.

"Leading from Behind could not have come at better time for our service. I was very confident in our

communication style but realized that all good things still require critical reflection and maintenance.

Understanding how values influence the way we interact and communicate completely changed

my view of the world. As a Director I now see more of the bigger picture with staff behaviour and

interactions which creates more space and empathy for me to work through solutions."

Shae Bleakley Director Richmond Hill Preschool Queensland

*** Last Program in 2021 ***
Starts: 26th July 2021 (Fully Booked)
Investment: $580:00 AUD

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leadership program!



As an Early Childhood Director, Educational Leader, Childcare Centre or Long Day Care Director, it can be easy to feel pulled every which way.

In between the staff, the families, committee/board of directors, the strict regulations and of course the children themselves, you have a unique set of challenges and it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Early Education Leadership is a unique coaching and training business that focuses on building strong long lasting relationships and offers new and innovative leadership coaching and training experiences to Early Childhood Leaders and their teams.

We strive to be different by tailoring our leadership training to suit the individual needs of the Early Childhood industry. As well as delivering high quality, well-research and practical training, we provide access to a community where you feel supported and understood.

Based in Australia, our organisations strives to build lasting relationships, so we become the 'trusted' place where you can access leadership, support, guidance and new and fresh perspectives, that invigorates and energises you to continue your important work.

By giving you a place where you can connect emotionally, we're empowering you to make more effective change to your leadership skills and your entire workplace.

Join Early Childhood Leaders from around Australia, on a journey of self-discovery, knowledge, reflection and application, then apply the essential skills you learn to transform your approach, your confidence and your service.

During COVID-19 our unique training is available online, empowering you to get through these challenging times with a sense of calm, clarity and purpose.



Sarah Moore, facilitator of the Leading From Behind

With a background in Early Childhood, Human Services, Not-for-Profit and Management, Sarah is uniquely qualified to share new and innovative leadership coaching and training experiences with Early Childhood Leaders.

Sarah's training is designed to create a high impact, stir up the status quo and attract a high level of participation and accountability.

"Early Childhood Leaders are often unsupported. Despite being in charge of a large team of staff, they often find themselves in a position of great responsibility but with little management experience. Without opportunities to access the helps they need, it's so easy to easily feel overwhelmed and stressed. They can find themselves questioning their leadership capabilities and wonder why they never feel 'on top'.

My learning program aims to build a space of trust so you can access training, coaching and resources to grow your confidence as a leader so you love every minute of your job."- Sarah Moore


Right now, many Early Childhood Leaders are unsupported, feeling overworked, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Our vision is to create a community of passionate, engaged and excited Leaders who feel confident in their abilities to communicate and stay on of their many responsibility.

As a result of our training and support, we hope to build the skills set and confidence of Early Childhood Leaders, so they can be the  leaders they aspire to be and improve the quality of Early Childhood Services across Australia.


*** Last Program for 2021 ***
Starts: 26th July 2021 (Fully Booked)
Investment: $580:00 AUD

Register NOW and reserve your place in this unique and transformative

leadership program!

Our mission is to equip Early Childhood Leaders with the confidence and ability to create measurable change for themselves and their workplaces through high-impact training, open dialogue and a supportive learning environment.