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Early Education Leadership programs that inspire, motivate and engage you and your team! They are designed and delivered in a way that creates real sustainable change and impact that lasts! 

I am passionate about bringing the best out in those we work with. I have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of human behaviour, communication and I know how to connect with people really quickly and with ease and depth.

I am passionate about empowering Early Education Leaders so they can be the best version of themselves and can make a profound impact on within their services. 

I have designed a range of virtual programs in response to the needs of the people I have worked with.

You won't find any off the shelf coaching and training here. Below are some of our current virtual programs:-

  • Engagement Is Key Team - This virtual workshop helps your team get on the same page, building self-awareness, whilst strengthening your engagement culture.

  • Unlock Team Engagement Workshop - This virtual workshop is for teams who want to focus on wellbeing and design ways they can individually and as a team daily successful habits.

  • Conscious Communication Team - This virtual workshop gives teams practical ways to use some of the latest neuroscience communication tools so they can take their communication to the next levels. 

  • On-demand Speaking Events - for conferences with themes about conscious leadership, self-care and mindful leadership.

  • Masterclasses - My virtual events bring Early Education Leaders together to learn new ways of engaging and leading teams.

  • Leading From Behind for Early Education Leaders online leadership program - Provides opportunities for Educational Leaders to reignite their passion and purpose and focus in the way you lead.

  • Early Education Leadership Coaching Program - To transform your leadership and how you lead your team.


Early Education Leadership, workshops

Leaders Who Create Change - National Project Team Workshop - Positive Partnerships 

Sarah Moore group facilitation.

Leading From Behind for Early Education Leaders Program - providing valuable evaluation feedforward.

"Sarah delivered two sessions on "Integrating Self-Care Within The work You Do" at our Sutherland Shire Council Children's Services Conference - Enrich Empower Educate. Sarah was very professional in her approach and a pleasure to work alongside. Sarah's presentation style and calmness allows individuals to feel a true connection to the content. Sarah's workshops were very well received and the information she shared on why self-care needs to be priority, provided strategies to design self-care rituals. The strategies have been tried and tested with the impact being, Educators changing their practices so they are working with a more positive mindset, which ultimately impacts on positive outcomes for the children. I would highly recommend Sarah if you are looking to promote wellbeing among your team."

Denise Nash, Professional Learning, Sutherland Shire Council Children's Services

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