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What PD Are You Fishing For?

Are you looking for an Early Education Leadership program for yourself or one of your team?

It is difficult to know what to choose when there is so much choice.

It is easy to be seduced by the next shiny promise or seductive offering that is trying to convince you that all your leadership problems will be resolved if you sign up.

As Cynthia E. Olmedo so beautifully put it. “You must know what you are fishing for and have no fear of casting out; alternatively, you will just end up with whatever the tide washes in”.

Don't Give Your Power Away

Don’t give your power away, spend time reflecting from the inside out. We are often led to believe that we are not enough, that knowledge is scare and opportunities should not be missed!

I know that you have a well of wisdom and knowledge already, so it is worth sitting back and identifying what knowledge and expertise is that you are looking for and what it is you are trying to achieve and where the gaps might be presenting themselves.

In a world where there is so much choice and access to content it is easy to move into overwhelm and forget the knowledge and wisdom you already have.

Self Reflective Questions

I think it is helpful to step back and think about what it is you want to achieve, learn or do differently.

Ask yourself these five important questions: -

1) What is it I am specifically wanting to learn or know more about?

2) What is my learning style? e.g. face to face, self-paced etc

3) What is it I want to do with this new learning?

4) What behaviours, actions do I want to take as a result of this learning opportunity?

5) How will this learning benefit those around me?

Be conscious if you are just acquiring information because you love to learn.

Or be conscious if you feel you hold a certain amount of knowledge but would like to revisit it or reconnect to embed it further.

Hold yourself accountable and really focus on getting the best return of investment you can on your time and money spent.

What I mean by this, is get a colleague, co-learner to follow up with you and find out how you are applying your learning and identify the stretches.

We are living during exciting times; knowledge is more accessible than ever. So, it is not how to access it that is the priority it is what you are going to do with it.

Which Fish Do You Want to Catch?

We know at Early Education Leadership... with a difference, that many Early Education Leaders have a vast amount of knowledge and expertise already.

In our Leading From Behind for Early Education Leaders Online program participants are taken on a journey of self-reflection, whilst co-learning and discovering some new learning that will support them in taking their communication and team engagement to a new level.

Our program facilitates and environment of mutual support and encourages exploration. It is different, experimental and does not appeal to everyone.

We know that and we are clear that we are not a one size fit. We shift content in the program if the participants dictate it. We make sure we respond readily to our learners needs.

We invite you to consider which fish you want to catch?

If you think we might be a good match, please reach out and connect with us! If not we wish you well on your Professional Development journey and hope that one day our paths will cross and you will share what works for you!

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