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Conscious Leaders Mastermind

A collaborative place for leaders to connect, grow, expand and transform.

Coaching & Training

for early education leaders

Are you an early childhood leader looking to make a positive impact in your leadership role? 


Early Education Leadership can help!


We provide unique leadership coaching, training and whole team workshops that will help you match your intentions to the impact you want to create in your childcare centre and within your education institution teams.

Our coaching and training incorporate powerful neuroscience-based tools that are practical and easy to apply in workplace relationship management situations, administrative leadership contexts as well as daily life.

Transform your team with professional development for early childhood leadership!
Online professional development for leaders

The Online Conscious Leadership Program is designed to help you take full ownership and responsibility. You will be equipped with the skills to lead with confidence. Unlock your full potential and become the leader you aspire to be today!


Transformational Leadership Coaching

Discover your heart's deepest desires, values, and beliefs. Identify areas you'd like to redefine and create a plan of action that you can follow and be accountable for. By reconnecting with yourself, you can create the results you long for and make lasting change.

Workshops to level up the whole team

Our workshops offer a unique opportunity for teams to come together and explore new learning while having fun and reflecting on how individual practices and team dynamics can be improved. Unlock your team's full potential and strengthen team engagement. 

Sarah Moore leading a keynote speech on communication and leadership skills to early child

Guest Speaker Options

Sarah Moore delivers keynote, plenary and workshops sessions, that are tailor made to your event.


Sarah inspires, motivates, and engages her audience with topics such as Conscious  Leadership, Conscious Communication, and engagement.


Her content is infused with an emphasis on self-compassion, self-responsibility and relates to the latest neuroscience research available.


Her content is evidence based and presented in a way that moves her audience into wanting to take action and create positive change.

Group of childcare leaders at a workshop run by Sarah Moore Early Education Leadership

Supporting leaders of our future generations.

Are you an Early Childhood Leader feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future?


You're not alone!


I have trained and coached hundreds of early childhood leaders and understand how difficult it is to lead during these unprecedented times.


That's why I have created a community of Early Childhood Conscious Leaders who are passionate and engaged about the future and know their potential and purpose.

I offer coaching and training experiences, that support early education leaders just like you to successfully respond and lead through this time of rapid change and uncertainty with confidence.


Join us now to create a brighter future for the next generation!

At the helm

Hi, I'm Sarah!


I specialize in developing co-creative learning experiences and participatory-based programs designed to provide individuals with the tools and resources they need to reach their leadership goals.


I'm especially passionate about participant-led training, particularly when it comes to early childhood leaders.


My own experience as a mother, coupled with my background in coaching, human services management, training and communication, led me to realise the importance of creating evidence-based, responsive programs.

To further this mission, I've invested time in expanding my knowledge base in Coaching, Conversational Intelligence, Employee Engagement and Emotional Fitness, so I can assist Early Childhood Leaders to maximise their impact.

Sarah Moore from Early Education Leadership professional portrait
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