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Difficult Conversations

Mastering Difficult Conversations 

Online team training

Our Mastering Difficult Conversations online training will help equip your team with the necessary skills to confidently and successfully navigate any difficult conversation.


Learn with Sarah Moore, who is certified in Conversational Intelligence®, about neuroscience-based approaches to mastering difficult conversations to ensure you and your team have access to up-to-date communication training to support them in working towards consistently providing the highest quality service.


This online training will give you the practical skills and knowledge needed to support your team's well-being, so they can self-compassionately and confidently tackle any difficult conversation.

Online team training: 

Our program offers a unique opportunity to explore and expand your skills, knowledge and practices. 

In this online 90-minute training, we provide connection, transformational shifts in thinking, new perspectives and a playful environment to reflect on your practices as individual early education professionals, as well as a whole team.


We strive to create an atmosphere of collaboration and open dialogue where we can collectively explore creative communication solutions and strategies. 

Your team will learn to:
  • Why avoiding difficult conversations is a natural response and how you can overcome this mindset

  • How to prepare yourself for challenging conversations, including priming your brain for success

  • Practical strategies to help you feel more confident in your communication

  • How to transform difficult conversations into opportunities for growth.

Build effective team communication based on trust & confidence

You're looking for ways in which your team can learn to be more conscious in their communication and learn new tools to navigate difficult conversations more successfully. 


The Mastering Difficult Conversations training provides just that. It provides an opportunity for:

  • teams to reflect on the importance of self-regulation

  • learning the importance of intention

  • understanding how to build trust, even during conflict

Self-regulation is key
Increase self-awareness
Build confidence in the whole team
Communication with more ease
teacher drawing with kindergarten students having met national quality standards of educational professional development

National Quality Standards

We are here to assist you on your journey to meet the National Quality Standards and, in particular NQS Areas: QA: 4,6,7 


About Your Facilitator

The training is led and facilitated by Conversational Intelligence® Certified Coach and Training Facilitator Sarah Moore, Director of Early Education Leadership.


Sarah specialises in human behaviour, the neuroscience of communication and self-leadership. 

We are inspired to provide new and innovative coaching and training opportunities with a difference. We are passionate about going the extra mile and making a real impact. 

Learn more about Sarah >

Sarah Moore at a whiteboard working on Early Education Leadership Coach, Speaker and Consultant

Client Feedback:

We asked attendees the following question and this is what they said. Would you recommend the training, and if so, why?


  • The learning we all experienced has had an ongoing impact on our professional growth and service culture.

  • Sarah's insight, delivery engagement, dedication, vision, understanding and practical/relatable/research-based content has multiple applications.

  • ABSOLUTELY..... yes!!!

Delivery Options

The Mastering Difficult Conversations online training is a 90 minute workshop that is delivered online via zoom and supplementary resources are emailed prior to the workshop or available through my online course delivery software.

Schedule A Discovery Call

If you are interested in Sarah facilitating this training for you book a discover call below or get in touch using the contact options below.


Sarah_Moore from Early Education Leadership writing in a notebook her ideas for her next leadership workshop
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