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group of hands in a team huddle building team engagement for successful educational institutions

Engagement is Key Team Workshop

Tools to build engagement & inspire success

The Engagement Is Key Workshop is based on some of the latest neuroscience research into understanding how our brains function. It is a transformational Team Workshop, which delivers practical tools and gives you the skills to build team engagement and inspire success. 

teacher drawing with kindergarten students having met national quality standards of education

Revised National Quality Standards

 The tools and strategies learnt can be used to address some of the requirements of the National Quality Standards Areas 4,5,6 and 7. 


A workshop for educational teams: 

You will walk away with the tools to create a 4-Step - Team Plan which will support you and your team to build and maintain team engagement! 

Understand the cause of disengagement and how to build engagement. 

Your team’s ability to gauge and regulate their own levels of engagement are critical factors in achieving sustained shared thinking and a positive culture. This fun and highly interactive workshop provides you with confidence, tools and skills to motivate and inspire your team.

Latest neuroscience research
Experiment & innovate with new skills
Build & maintain team engagement
Create a custom 4 Step Team Plan
Your team will learn to:

  • Learn the impact of engagement and disengagement on your team 

  • Understand how behaviour impacts others 

  • Gain stress management techniques and learn why self-regulation is important 

  • Establish and foster meaningful practices which improve staff wellbeing 

  • Design strategies to build and maintain engagement 

About Your Facilitator

The program is led and facilitated by Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach and Training Facilitator Sarah Moore Director of Early Education Leadership.


Sarah specialises in human behaviour, the neuroscience of communication and self-leadership. 

Sarah creates conversational spaces and helps teams to explore their world and talk through challenges and issues, whilst strengthening team dynamics. 

Learn more about Sarah >

Sarah_Moore from Early Education Leadership writing in a notebook her ideas for her next leadership workshop
conscious leaders immersion workshop with Sarah Moore from Early Education Leadership

Client Feedback:

“Sarah’s insight, delivery, engagement, dedication, vision and practical relatable research based content has a multitude of applications for both personal and professional application. All levels of our team are able to utilise aspect of this content. This learning has had an ongoing impact on our growth and service culture.”

- Lindy Farrant, Director.

How to participate


This six hour program is run four times a year or on demand when request by you or your institution.

Join the waiting list

If you want to participate in the next program add your details to the waiting list using the form below and we'll contact you when it's ready to join. Or head over to the contact page to request a workshop specific to your workplace.

Sarah_Moore from Early Education Leadership writing in a notebook her ideas for her next leadership workshop
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