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Conscious Communication Workshop

Practical tools to transform your team

The key to success within the early education environment is based on your teams ability to communicate effectively. Trust has to be a number one factor within the early education environment. Without it misunderstandings quickly occur, emotions run high and a disproportionate amount of time can get wasted on resolving conflict. 

A workshop for educational teams: 

​This six hour workshop provides connection, transformational shifts in thinking, new perspectives and a playful environment to reflect on your practices as individual early education professionals, as well as a whole team. 

teacher drawing with kindergarten students having met national quality standards of educational professional development

Revised National Quality Standards

We are here to assist you on your journey to meet the Revised National Quality Standards and in particular NQS Areas: QA: 4,5,6,7 


Build effective team communication based on trust & confidence

You're looking for ways in which your team can learn to be more conscious in their communication and learn new tools. You want to increase their awareness about the importance trust plays in all communication and how to build trust as well as effectively respond to conflict.


The Conscious Communication Team Workshop provides just that. It provides an opportunity for:

  • teams to reflect on their own communication

  • learning the role of  trust in all communication

  • understanding how to build trust, even during conflict

Learn tools to build trust
Develop conflict resolution systems
Build confidence in the whole team
Communication skills for every team
Your team will learn to:

  • Understand what gets in the way of good communication 

  • Explore the impact good and difficult conversations have on the way our brains work

  • Learn the importance of trust and it's impact on our ability to communicate 

  • Gain new insights into the conversational patterns and how to read them

  • Design a plan for success to move you into action. 

About Your Facilitator

The program is led and facilitated by Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach and Training Facilitator Sarah Moore Director of Early Education Leadership.


Sarah specialises in human behaviour, the neuroscience of communication and self-leadership. 

We are inspired to provide new and innovative coaching and training opportunities with a difference. We are passionate about going the extra mile and making a real impact. 

Learn more about Sarah >

Sarah Moore at a whiteboard working on Early Education Leadership Coach, Speaker and Consultant
Early childhood educators and leaders at an Early Education Leadership workshop.HEIC

Client Feedback:

"It has been good for my heart. Each session truly fills my cup, gets my mind ticking over and helps me feel so connected, despite the many kilometres  between us all. This program has made a huge difference to my wellbeing as well as my journey of personal and professional growth and development"

Emma Cullen


- Banyan Park Childrens 

How to participate


This six hour program is run four times a year or on demand when request by you or your institution.

Join the waiting list

If you want to participate in the next program add your details to the waiting list using the form below and we'll contact you when it's ready to join. Or head over to the contact page to request a workshop specific to your workplace.

Sarah_Moore from Early Education Leadership writing in a notebook her ideas for her next leadership workshop
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