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Online Conscious Leadership Program
Lead with intention, inspire with purpose

Our Online Conscious Leadership Program is designed to empower service directors, educational leaders, room leaders, and aspiring leaders. This course goes beyond plug-and-play; it demands active participation and a strong focus on reflective practice and  implementation. 


The OCL program emphasizes the importance of self-leadership and responsibility. By understanding your strengths, values, and motivations, you can lead with increased levels of authenticity and integrity. Recognising that all effective change begins with your own actions and attitudes, this program encourages you to take responsibility for your leadership journey, setting a positive tone for your team.

"You cannot lead others until you can first lead yourself."  Robin Sharma

​Join us and cultivate the skills necessary to create a thriving, respectful, and proactive team culture. Embrace the journey of conscious leadership and inspire excellence in every aspect of your role.

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At the end of the six weeks, you'll feel:

  • Revitalized and confident about your skill set

  • Confident to have powerful and purposeful conversations

  • Excited about the future and re-energized about your work

  • Focused and clear on the changes you want to make at work

  • Energised and inspired to be an active member of a community of Early Childhood Leaders who make a real difference.

This program includes:

  • Six online professional learning modules and pre-recorded training sessions

  • Six live group coaching sessions

  • An online community of practice

  • An online forum to connect with others completing the program

  • Downloadable worksheets

  • A leadership program completion certificate

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Priming for Success
Starting with you!
The Power of Beliefs
Managing Your Energy
Elevate Relationships
Teacher drawing with kindergarten aged children

National Quality Standards

The OCL program will help you work towards meeting NQS Area 6: Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities, and Area 7: Governance and Leadership. You'll gain the tools to build strong, respectful relationships and enhance your leadership skills, ensuring your practices are in alignment with the NQS standards.

"The very skills I learnt through the Online Conscious Leadership Program are so valuable at this time. I keep returning back to this learning time and time again."

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Priming for Success Start your learning journey by priming yourself for success, creating explicit, measurable learning and experience outcomes that support you throughout the program and beyond.

Module 2. Starting with you! Learn why the clarity of your why and values is key to your leadership success and the critical work you aspire to do. Helping you to create clarity, purpose and direction in your behaviours and actions.

Module 3. The Power of Beliefs Discover the link between your beliefs and whom you believe you are as a leader. We will explore what happens when you don't question your beliefs and ways to shape them to support you.

Module 4. Managing Your Energy Reflect on why managing your energy as a leader is so vital to our success. You will learn the importance of self-regulation and how to open your capacity to deepen your connection.

Module 5. Elevate Relationships Relationships are critical to your success as a leader; in this module, you will learn the importance of trust and connection in the workplace and how it impacts your communication.

Module 6. Sustainment Learn how to integrate your key learnings from the program into your practice as a leader. Whilst also getting clear about any obstacles and designing a recovery plan.

Image by John Schnobrich

Client Feedback:

"From crisis to calm, we are learning to lead ourselves and our teams through the many challenges we face by understanding the what, why and how our brains work. Sarah brings the gift of being able to do this by supporting positive relationships that harness strengths and creativity, transforming our lives, professionally and personally. I couldn’t do it without Sarah and this amazing group of women I have met - thank you all."

Rosie Gibbs, Director, Mudgee Community Preschool

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 The Online Conscious Leadership Program dates:

  • Monday 6th May to Friday, 21st June 2024 (Live Group Sessions will run on Tuesdays, 10:00am AEST)

  • Monday 5th August to Friday, 13th September 2024 (Live Group Sessions will run on Wednesday , 2:00pm AEST)

*****New dates soon to be released*****


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Waiting List Details

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