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Assessment & Rating Success Program

Leading with confidence...

Receiving an assessment and rating notification can easily derail your team. But it does not need to be that way! In fact, I would go so far as to say that it can be used as a powerful engagement strategy if approached correctly.

The very words assessment and rating can evoke a sense of stress and anxiety among leaders and their teams. It’s all too common to hear stories of demoralised and disengaged teams after going through this process. But it doesn’t have to be that way!


With Sarah Moore’s expertise in Conversational Intelligence®, you can prime your team for success. Sarah understands why leaders and their teams struggle with the assessment and rating process and provides practical strategies to overcome these challenges.


Her guidance not only prepares you for A&R but also equips you to navigate through all types of change and uncertainty successfully. 

At the end of the four weeks, you'll be confident in your skills to:

  • Build emotional fitness

  • Prime your team for success

  • Prepare your centre for assessment

  • Measure the important checkmarks leading up to the rating process

  • Create a supportive space for you and your team to understand and communicate their needs while keeping them relaxed and productive.

  • Build a roadmap for the whole team's success and quell uncertainty.

4 transformational weeks

Learn how to prime for success with this transformational 4-week online program that provides a powerful way forward. Sarah Moore, Certified Conversational Intelligence®, as she guides you and your team through a transformative four-week journey.


When we prime for success, it helps us to become less reactive (triggering our primal brain) and more proactive in accessing our higher levels of thinking, which is something we need need to bring the best out in ourselves, our teams, families and the children you work with.

Sarah has created a five-step framework for you to prepare for an assessment & rating journey. These steps will help you prime your team for success, so they can thrive through this process rather than survive!

Teacher drawing with kindergarten aged children

National Quality Standards

Area 4. Staffing arrangements

Area 6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

Area 7. Governance & leadership

What you'll learn

  • Evidence-based communication tools that help to elevate trust 

  • Priming for Success: Unlocking your higher levels of thinking

  • Why self-regulation is key to combatting negative emotional contagion

  • Enhancing proactive communication within your team

  • Preparing, initiating, measuring and evaluating the assessment process

  • Sharing experience, insights and wisdom with other early childhood leaders

  • Supporting your team’s well-being whilst maintaining business as usual.

  • Conversational Intelligence neuroscience-based tools that you can add to your leadership toolkit.

Interview with a participant

Watch (5min)  interview between Sarah Moore and Fiona Black from Koala Child Care Centre discussing the benefits of the Early Education Leaderships program for Excelling Assessment and Rating. 

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Conscious Leaders Program Cohort on a zoom call building their educational leadership community

What's Included

  • Weekly live group Zoom calls with Sarah Moore with recorded replays provided on the online program dashboard

  • Engaging content and activities tailored for early childhood leaders

  • The supportive community of fellow participants

  • Ongoing access to resources and materials

  • Closed Facebook Community

  • Content and delivery tailored to your group's needs - no one program is the same as another.

Program Curriculum

PREPARE: Ask yourself what story have you created around this event. Is it one that will empower you to create success or is it going to create limitations in your thinking and responses? Plan what is going to happen, before, during and after the A&R visit. What does ‘success’ look like for you as a team? = The process, the outcome, the way in which you do it?

RELATIONSHIPS: Communication is key. As a leader make sure you are ‘present’ for your team. Put relationships before tasks. Be curious about the meaning and beliefs they hold around the visit and spend time reframing, refocusing and redirecting when needed. (Increasing TRUST within your team, so they have an increased sense of safety and are able to emotional regulate..

INITIATE: Co-create a roadmap with your team. Moving from, “I” to “We” dynamics: We are in this together, helping them to see all the different aspects. Identify key milestones in the process. What we aspire to create, making sure the families and children are included in this. Provide a celebration date for everyone so they can see the end point, to positively reflect on the process. Make sure your success is not based on the rating, but in the way in which your team contributed to the process. Provide safety in the knowledge that they know what to expect.

MEASURE: Create check points for you and your team to measure the energy and wellbeing of everyone! Identify a person who can do this as a way of reminding your team that they need to stay grounded and if going into overwhelm they are supported.

EVALUATE: Create a space for your team to consider what support they need through the process and how they can support themselves. (Individually and as a group) Check-ins Q.How well are we doing at supporting ourselves and the team right NOW? Help them to understand how they know that they are doing well? (Future pace theme e.g. when we see ourselves relaxed and productive.)

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This program is for:

​This program is perfect for:

  • Service Directors

  • Nominated Supervisors

  • Room Leaders

  • Regional Directors

  • Regional Managers

✔️ Community-Based Preschools


✔️ Council-Community-Based Preschools

✔️ Long Day Care Centres


✔️ OSHC Services

✔️ Day Care Services


✔️Childcare Services

✔️Mobile Services

Thoughts from Sarah
Testimonial from Emma Cullen, Operational Leader 

In this 9 minute video Sarah Moore shares information about the importance of this program.

In this (44sec) video, Sarah Moore talks with Emma Cullen, Operational Leader, about the benefit of doing this work.

booking options

Program Dates


Enrolment intakes twice a year with each program running for four consecutive weeks.

Program Dates 
  • 1st Program: 18th March - 8th April 2024 (Registrations Closed)

  • 2nd Program: 9th August - 30th August 2024



$500 per person


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