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Conscious Leaders Mastermind Program 

Transform your leadership journey with emotional fitness

Join our Conscious Leaders Mastermind Program, a transformative experience for early childhood leaders. This program is specifically designed to enhance your skills in emotional intelligence, communication, and employee engagement, supporting you to be more conscious in your leadership.


Engage with a community of early childhood professionals committed to personal and collective growth. Through the Conscious Leaders Mastermind Program, you'll gain practical strategies to apply conscious leadership principles effectively within your team.


This is not just a training program; it's an opportunity to build lasting relationships and collaborate with peers in the early childhood sector.

Content themes this year will include: 

  • Conscious leadership development

  • Neuroscience in conversations

  • Building high-trust relationships in management

  • Employee engagement strategies  

  • Emotional fitness for leaders and their teams.

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What is a conscious leader?

In early childhood education, conscious leadership plays a pivotal role, we merge the power of Conversational Intelligence with Emotional Fitness.


These leaders stand out not only for their authenticity and empathetic communication but also for their ability to manage and understand emotions - both their own and those of their team. 

Conscious leaders know how to create a foundation of trust, which is essential in early childhood settings. They engage in meaningful dialogues, fostering a supportive environment that values each team member's aspirations and contributions.

Conscious leaders know how to remain composed, responsive, compassionate and empathetic, even in challenging situations.


This level of emotional agility ensures a nurturing and stable environment vital for the growth and well-being of both educators and children.

A community of leaders

In our Conscious Leaders Mastermind, you'll be part of a dynamic, collaborative community that fosters growth and collective advancement.


This program is tailored to enhance key leadership skills essential in today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape.


Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Emotional Fitness for Leaders: Learn how to master your emotions, transforming them into powerful tools for effective leadership.

  • Expertise in Navigating Difficult Conversations: Acquire strategies to handle challenging dialogues with grace and confidence.

  • Strengthening Self-Regulation Habits: Develop habits that enhance your self-regulation and decision-making capabilities in high-pressure situations.

  • Responsive Leadership Techniques: Transition from reactive to responsive leadership, adapting quickly and effectively to any situation.

  • Enhanced Leadership Confidence: Build a foundation of calmness and confidence, essential for impactful and inspiring leadership in early childhood.


Uniquely designed for each cohort
Chat Group for each unique group
Community Network Meetings
In-person workshop + online webinars
10-Month Program Outline

  • Two-Day Workshop: Embracing Emotional Fitness in Early Childhood Leadership

  • Online Conscious Leadership Program (6hrs of self-paced PD)

  • Monthly Network Meeting

  • Access to quarterly Emotional fitness for leaders and their team's webinars 

  • WhatsApp CLM Community

  • Centralised resource hub​


About Your Facilitator

The program is led and facilitated by Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach and Emotional Fitness Formula Consultant Sarah Moore, Director of Early Education Leadership.


Sarah specialises in human behaviour, the neuroscience of communication, emotional fitness and conscious leadership. 

Read more about Sarah >

Your Investment  

This Gateway to Transformational Leadership is only $1,950 (GST not applicable)


Embark on a 10-month journey of growth and excellence in early childhood leadership.


  • Two-Day Workshop: Kickstart your journey with an immersive two-day workshop focusing on embracing emotional fitness in your Early Childhood Leadership. This hands-on experience sets the tone for your transformative path this year!


  • Self-Paced Online Conscious Leadership Program: Dive into our comprehensive online program at your own pace. Crafted with flexibility in mind, it allows you to balance professional growth with your busy schedule.


  • Monthly Network Meetings: Connect, share, and grow with a community of like-minded leaders in our monthly network meetings. These sessions are a cornerstone for implementation, collaboration and continuous learning.


  • Quarterly Emotional Fitness for Teams Webinars: Enhance your team's emotional agility with our quarterly webinars. These sessions are designed to foster a resilient and emotionally agile team environment.


  • WhatsApp CLM Community: Join our exclusive WhatsApp group for ongoing support and networking. A space where ideas, resources, and inspiration are just a message away.


  • Centralized Resource Hub: Gain unlimited access to a wealth of resources, all centralized for your convenience. From workshop materials to webinar recordings, everything you need is at your fingertips.


Invest in Your Leadership Today – Empower Your Tomorrow!


The Conscious Leaders Mastermind Program isn't just a training course; it's an investment in your professional journey, offering unparalleled value and transformative experiences. Secure your spot and start shaping the future of early childhood leadership.


Client Feedback:

"It has been good for my heart. Each session truly fills my cup, gets my mind ticking over and helps me feel so connected, despite the many kilometres  between us all. This program has made a huge difference to my wellbeing as well as my journey of personal and professional growth and development"

Emma Cullen


- Banyan Park Childrens 

How to participate


The Conscious Leaders Mastermind Program is a 10-month program that runs between February and November. Registrations for the 2023 Program. 

Registrations for 2024 

Registrations for our 2024 Program are now open. To secure your spot, complete your registration details below. 

2024 Registration
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