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A Few Wrong Words

I have been observing the negative impact a Principals speech has had on my daughter's school community.

A few wrong words have spun many parts of our school community into chaos.

As the author of Conversational Intelligence, Judith E. Glazer says, "Words create worlds", I think they also divide them!

A few ill chosen words have created strong emotions within our local community and it has made me reflect on how vulnerable leaders are in this age of social media.

It highlights:-

* the different meanings we make of the same words.

* the quick positions we chose to take.

* how we can easily believe that our perspective is right and the only way of seeing


* the power of social media and the speed at which news travels straight into our

homes and our lives.

* how freedom of speech can quickly turn into shaming and blame.

The Principal I mention has delivered many empowering and uplifting speeches, which sadly I don't believe she will be remembered for.

Mindful Leadership

It also highlights the importance of Mindful Leadership and how we need to:-

* demonstrate compassion

* hold back on our initial responses and emotions

* embrace difference of opinion and perspectives

* use adversity as an opportunity for growth

* be ok with getting things wrong and making mistakes

* be forgiving and compassionate

* accept apologies and to move on.