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Celebrating Early Childhood Educators' Day!

On this day, it is important that Australian’s across our nation recognise and celebrate the valuable work that our professional Early Childhood Educators do in our early learning services and acknowledge the huge impact they have in the lives of the children and families they work with.

As a Nation this acknowledgement needs to magnify the importance of their work.

Early Childhood Educators provide key opportunities for children’s development and social engagement, enabling our families to engage fully in our labor market. Whilst also being instrumental in supporting the wellbeing of our families and local communities.

Open Throughout COVID-19

We need to remind ourselves that it was this incredible group of Early Childhood Educators who kept our Early Childhood Services open throughout COVID-19 shut down and continue to tirelessly make these services safe for our children to continue to attend.

These have been scary times for us all, but in particular this workforce have helped to keep our Early Childhood services open, when the majority of services across Australia where closed.

I have been witness to the amazing self-less acts of kindness; love, support and on-going professionalism unfold, as they have navigated the massive levels change and uncertainty.

#HoldingStrongProgram - Here are some of the amazing team at

Koala Childrens Centre - during lockdown!

Additional Pressures

Each day they have tirelessly turned up to work and have adjusted to the huge amount of additional work requirements, to ensure their services continue to remain COVID-19 safe.

They enabled our emergency service staff to continue to work.

They at high speed created online learning environments for the children and families who were unable to attend their services.

Our Early Childhood Educators need to be celebrated for their professionalism, agility and passion for the work they do, because without them our Early Childhood Services would have been closed.

Thank You!

Come and join me in thanking our Early Childhood Educators across our nation on this important day and acknowledge them for the amazing ongoing work, energy, dedication and love and support they provide our communities of young children and families.

Please feel free to share this message or add your own, so Early Childhood Educators' can feel your support and appreciation.

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