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Avoiding Burnout

How do you want the remainder of your year to feel and look like?

Do you want to feel burnout and exhausted, like you have just survived getting over the finishing line or do you want to create an amazing few months as we wrap up 2019?

If like me, you are keen to create an amazing few months and don't want to leave it to chance, then I invite you to start doing the following:-

*****Grab your journal, or buy yourself a fancy one and start reflecting on the 'feelings' you ASPIRE to have. Write the feeling words and emotionally turn up the volume to intensify those emotions. Envisage yourself doing what it is you are doing whilst also having those feelings. Be as explicit in your description or pictures as you possibly can (a bit like a vision board)

******Now, write down all the priority action you need to take for the remainder of the year, one side with personal action, the other with professional - BRAIN DUMP - then review and delete anything that is not really a priority (be disciplined and focused with this) Then prioritise in order and try and put all the challenging things you would rather avoid at the top of the list.

The more you explore what you want to feel like, the more you are instructing your brain (RAS System) to seek out those feelings and experiences, so like an artist with a canvas, be creative, use your imagination to create a picture that excites and motivates you!

You have a choice, you can join the majority of the population and run around feeling burnout and stressed and resisting everything about the end of the year or you can create your future months, to be fun, enjoyable, rejuvenating and uplifting!

Do this important work with a playful mindset, even get the children in your centre to join you in this conversation and help them to create the experiences, emotions and feelings they want! (Children Vision Board Ideas!)

Please share your thoughts ideas about creating your best end of year yet!

There are many fabulous Wellbeing resources available for Early Educational Professional to access, if you haven't done already it is worth checking out the Be You website

Please share your thoughts and ideas, about how you ensure you thrive during the lead up to the end of the year!

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