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Conscious Leaders Mastermind Intensive
Emotional Flexibility

Harnessing Emotional Flexibility:

To strengthen employee engagement and wellbeing 

Welcome to a Revolution in Early Childhood Leadership! 

In the ever-evolving landscape of early childhood education, where change is the only constant, your ability to navigate uncertainty defines not just your success but also your wellbeing. 

As an early childhood leader, the waves of change and uncertainty can seem relentless, impacting not just your stress levels but also how you motivate and engage with your team. This is where emotional flexibility becomes not just beneficial but essential.

Join us for an engaging two-day workshop designed to empower early childhood leaders. In this dynamic two-day event, we'll dive into the world of emotional flexability and explore how it can revolutionise your approach to leadership and management. ​

Learn effective self-management techniques and conflict-resolution skills to enhance team cohesion and workplace harmony. By balancing professionalism with self-compassion and empathy, you'll foster a positive work culture that not only attracts

but also retains quality staff. 

Dive into our transformative workshop to elevate your leadership skills, focusing on Emotional Flexibility and Conversational Intelligence®. This training is designed to boost staff retention and wellbeing by equipping you with strategies for creating a resilient, supportive work environment. 

Gain essential skills to navigate the emotional complexities of early education, ensuring your team feels valued, understood, and empowered. This workshop is a key investment in the wellbeing of your staff and the overall success of your organization.

Ask yourself the following questions:


How confident are you in identifying and addressing the diverse emotional needs of your team?

Do you have effective strategies to manage and support your own emotional wellbeing while leading others?

Can you effectively communicate and resolve conflicts that arise from emotional stressors in the workplace?


How do you balance maintaining a professional environment with being approachable and sensitive to emotional issues?

Do you have the essential skills to navigate the growing number of complex emotional well-being challenges in your workplace successfully?

Do you know how to equip educators with the skills to recognise, respond and adapt to the fluctuating emotional dynamics in the work environment?

If these questions resonate with you, our workshop is the key to unlocking your potential and success. Together, we'll navigate these complex challenges, equipping you with the tools and insights needed to lead with confidence, compassion, and effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes & Key Benefits

“Emotional flexibility isn’t just a buzzword: it’s the keystone in the arch of our ability to adapt and thrive amidst ongoing uncertainty.” Sarah Moore

1. Understanding Emotional Flexibility in Leadership:

Develop insights into how you and build a resilient team and create an emotionally fit work culture.

2. Enhanced Emotional Intelligence Skills:

Cultivate a more supportive, understanding and productive work environment. Enabling you to identify and effectively address the diverse emotionalneeds of teams.

3. Build Strategies for Self-Management:

Learn strategies to manage your own emotional wellbeing, which is vital in maintaining your effectiveness while supporting and leading others.

4. Conflict Resolution Techniques:

Develop skills in quickly resolving staff conflicts, in a way that helps your team to build emotional flexibility and team cohesion.

5. Balancing Professionalism and Empathy:

Learn how to maintain a professional approach, while being approachable and sensitive to emotional issues, a key balance in leadership and workplace comfort.

6. Navigating Emotional Challenges:

Acquire essential skills to navigate the growing number of complex emotional wellbeing challenges in the early education workplace, and support your team from a place of strength.

7. Empowering Educators:

Learn how to equip your educators with the skills to recognise, respond, and adapt to the fluctuating emotional dynamics in the work environment.

8. Practical Tools and Insights:

Acquire practical takeaway tools and insights to help you lead confidently, compassionately, and effectively, reduce reactivity, and support emotional wellbeing and regulation within the whole team.

9. Networking Opportunities:

Establish networks with other early childhood leaders to reduce isolation, share solutions to issues common in the industry, explore alternative approaches, feel mutually supported.

10. Personal and Professional Growth:

Improve your emotional flexibility to positively impact all areas of your life by reducing the impact that the stress of your job can have on you.

Detailed Program Schedule

Coming Soon......

This workshop is for you!

The workshop is ideal for Early Childhood Room Leaders, Nominated Supervisors, Educational Leaders, Teachers, Directors or Centre Managers, Regional Managers, and Operational Managers, Human Resource Managers and Inclusion Support Consultants who work within the following service areas: 

  • Preschools

  • Long Day Care Centers

  • Outside School Hours Care (OOSH) Services

  • Mobile Early Childhood Services

  • Private Early Childhood Services

  • Not-for-Profit Early Childhood Services

Event Details

Dates: Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th March 2024

Venue: Elourea Surf Life Saving Club

80 Mitchell Road, Cronulla, NSW 2230

(A 35-minute drive from Sydney Airport

1 hr on public transport from Sydney Airport)

Investment: $800:00 (GST not applicable)

"The changes I have seen in myself and my team are incredible. Worth every minute and dollar invested in learning to communicate more effectively. That can only be a good thing. This training has been invaluable in navigating every issue COVID-19 has thrown our way. “

- Eve Hawkes, Director  Engadine Community Preschool


"Well, this group feels so right. I love how we share how we are feeling/managing the day-to-day challenges of our work and those of COVID-19. Sarah breaks it all down for us and helps us understand so clearly why and how this is.  I keep telling my Committee that being part of this group is an absolute investment in our service and my ability to guide the team through the challenges we face.”

- Narelle Walker, Director of Alstonville Community Preschool

"From crisis to calm, we are learning to lead ourselves and our teams through the many challenges we face by understanding the what, why and how our brains work. Sarah brings the gift of being able to do this by supporting positive relationships that harness strengths and creativity, transforming our lives professionally and personally. Couldn’t do it without Sarah and this amazing group of women I have met - thank you all."

- Rosie Gibbs Mudgee Community Preschool


Watch Sarah Moore explain the Self-Regulation Practice

Watch Sarah Moore explain the Self-Regulation Practice with Teams


About Your Facilitator

Sarah Moore, is the Director of Early Education Leadership, is a seasoned facilitator with deep expertise in the application of the neuroscience of conversations, emotional fitness, and human behaviour in early childhood settings.  She adeptly combines her extensive knowledge and experience from working with hundreds of early childhood professionals, creating workshops that are engaging, motivational, inspiring and responsive to current needs.  


Her training style is both interactive and supportive, emphasising practical applications. This approach empowers participants with tools and strategies they can immediately implement in their roles, enhancing their effectiveness and leadership skills.


Renowned for blending theoretical knowledge with real-world relevance, Sarah's workshops are invaluable to early childhood professionals. They provide a unique opportunity to not only enhance skills but also to strengthen their impact in the field of early childhood education.

Read more about Sarah >

“The only certainty is uncertainty, and yet we are not navigating this frailty successfully or sustainably.”

— Susan David.

Register for the event

How to register:

Please fill in the form below to register your interest in participating in this event. You will then be sent an invoice with payment information and the next steps to proceed. 

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Moore directly on: or 0422 475 953

Invoice Details
Participant Details
  • Quality Area 1 - Educational Program and Practice:
    By enhancing leaders' emotional intelligence and providing them with strategies to support educators, your workshop aligns with the NQS's focus on ensuring educational leaders can establish and maintain an effective educational program that fosters learning and development.
  • Quality Area 6 - Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities:
    The workshop's focus on communication skills and conflict resolution can enhance leaders’ ability to build collaborative partnerships with families and communities, which is crucial for creating inclusive environments.
  • Quality Area 5 - Relationships with Children:
    The skills gained in your workshop around emotional intelligence and navigating emotional challenges directly contribute to fostering respectful and nurturing relationships with children, a core aspect of Quality Area 5.
  • Quality Area 7 - Governance and Leadership:
    Perhaps the most directly aligned with your workshop, this area emphasises the importance of effective leadership and governance in creating quality environments. Your workshop specifically targets this by equipping leaders with the tools and skills necessary for effective management and leadership in early childhood settings.
  • Which NQS does EEL workshops address?
    Early Education Leadership addresses the following National Quality Standards: Quality Area 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7. How we address these Quality Areas in our content is outlined in the following drop downs. By aligning with these areas of the NQS, your workshop not only supports the professional development of early childhood leaders but also contributes to the broader goal of maintaining high-quality care and educational experiences for children in Australia. This alignment reinforces the relevance and importance of this workshop in the context of the NQS standards.
  • Quality Area 4 - Staffing Arrangements:
    The workshop's emphasis on managing and supporting the emotional wellbeing of both leaders and their teams aligns with the NQS's focus on staffing arrangements that enhance children’s learning and wellbeing. It particularly supports the aspect of creating a positive work environment and professional development for staff.
  • What are the costs for the event and are there any discounts available?
    The cost for the event is $800 (excluding GST) and has to be paid in full prior to attendance. No discounts apply.
  • How many participants will be in the workshop?
    30 participants, some of whom will be part of the Early Education Leadership Conscious Leaders Mastermind Program participants.
  • Who can I contact for further information or specific inquiries about the workshop?
    Please contact Sarah Moore at: Go to the contact page here >
  • Is the content aligned to the National Quality Standards?
    All content produced by Early Education Leadership is aligned to National Quality Standards. You can view the ways we address the NQS across our programs on the FAQ page here >
  • Will food be provided?
    Refreshments and snacks will be available throughout the event. To purchase lunch and refreshments before or during the event, we recommend visiting Bianchini Expresso Cafe, a cafe located next door to the event venue. To check out their menu, follow the link here. If you have special dietary requirements, it is advisable to contact them in advance.
  • Is this training NESA accredited?
    Early Education Leadership is not a registered training organisation; the workshop is NOT NESA accredited. However, the professional development training can be attributed towards non-accredited hours (need to check the wording on this)
  • Will I get a certificate of attendance?
    Yes, they will be handed out at the end of the event.
  • What is the policy for cancellations or changes?
    For live or online events, Early Education Leadership reserves the right to cancel any portion of each event if needed. Should you need to cancel or modify your attendance at an event, Early Education Leadership must be notified one week before the event start date. All cancellations must be received in writing. This applies to free events and paid events. For free events, your ticket will be forfeited if less than a week’s notice is given. For paid events, a handling fee will be deducted from your refund. Cancellations after this date will be subject to a 50% fee per attendee. We also consider special circumstances; if and if communicated in writing, we will take these cases considering the individual conditions. For more details regarding our terms of business, follow the link here;-
  • What if I can’t attend both days?
    In order for participants get the most out of their investment and create the biggest transformational shifts out of the event, we strongly advise participants to attend both days. But we understand that life can sometimes get in the way!
  • What are the health and safety protocols of the workshop?
    The event will be led by NSW Health regarding COVID restrictions and requirements.
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